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Military Science

Three-year Diploma


Polymer Materials and Engineering


The major of polymer materials and engineering cultivates engineering talents who have the knowledge of polymer materials and engineering, and can engage in scientific research, technological development, process and equipment design, production and management in the fields of polymer materials and their composites synthesis, preparation, modification and processing.

New Energy Materials and Devices


The specialty of new energy materials and devices mainly relies on the school of materials and physics, and it is intended to cultivate students who can master the basic theory, basic knowledge and engineering technology skills of new energy materials, master the testing technology and analysis methods of composition, structure and performance of new energy materials, and understand the development direction of new energy materials science To prepare new energy materials professionals with the basic ability to develop new energy materials, research new processes, and improve the performance of materials.

Electrical Engineering and Automation


Electrical Engineering and Automation Program mainly helps students to prepare the theoretical knowledge ad basic skills of electrical and electronic technology, motor and control application, power electronics technology and application, electric power system operation and analysis. Students will learn to solve the engineering practical problems by applying what is learned. They will be equipped with excellent scientific literacy and engineering practice skills; and can work in electrical engineering and other related fields of electric power system operation and control, electrical equipment application integration, enterprise power supply management and services. Graduates can work in power plants, power grid enterprises and electrical manufacturing enterprises, engaged in electric energy generation, transmission, distribution. They can also work in companies, designing institutes and research institutes; engaged in engineering design, equipment manufacturing, application and development, operation maintenance and production management of electrical engineering.

Opto-Electronics Information Science and Engineering


The major has modern scientific consciousness, solid theoretical foundation, wide range of knowledge and strong innovation and practice ability. It can be engaged in scientific research in optical engineering, optical communication, electronics, image and information processing, product design and manufacturing, scientific and Technological Development and application, operation and management in related fields, which can meet the needs of rapid development of contemporary information society Applied talents.

Microelectronics Science and Engineering


Microelectronic Science and Engineering focuses on enabling the students to master basic theoretical knowledge and skills of microelectronics, and to cultivate students’ professional knowledge and skills of semiconductor process manufacturing, microelectronic assembly and packaging, automation system design, process design, product design, system testing, equipment operation and maintenance. It aims to cultivate frontline application-oriented engineers and technical personnel who can work in research, manufacturing, packaging and other fields of microelectronic components and integrated circuit chips. The graduates can work in enterprises and institutions of integrated circuit manufacturing and scientific research institutes, mainly engaged in manufacturing process, equipment maintenance and production management. They can also work in integrated circuit design enterprises and institutions and research institutes, engaged in circuit design, layout design and other work.

Nuclear Engineering and Technology


This major cultivates scientific and technological talents with basic knowledge of nuclear engineering and nuclear technology, who can engage in research, design, manufacturing, operation, application and management of nuclear engineering and nuclear technology in related fields, and have innovative consciousness.

Environmental Science


The students of this major mainly study the basic theory and knowledge of environmental science, receive the basic training of applied basic research, applied research and environmental management, have good scientific literacy and certain teaching, research, development and management capabilities, master the methods of environmental monitoring and environmental quality assessment, as well as the basic skills of environmental planning and management. After graduation, some students enter the graduate level for further study, while most of them enter the environmental theory research institutions and production departments at all levels to act as research or consulting personnel.

Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation


The major of Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation aims to cultivate students with solid natural science foundation, broad mechanical professional knowledge and strong practical ability, innovative consciousness, international vision, team spirit and good communication ability, good humanities and social science literacy and strong social science literacy to meet the needs of social development They have a sense of responsibility, good professional ethics, and can be engaged in mechanical product R & D, design, manufacturing, project management and other work in the field of mechanical engineering.

Materials Shaping and Control Engineering


The students of this major has mastered the basic theory and application knowledge of material forming and control engineering, can engage in scientific research, technology development, design and manufacturing, enterprise management and other aspects of material forming and quality control, mold technology and computer application, etc., with international vision and innovative spirit to meet the needs of social and economic development High quality compound talents.



This major needs to master the basic theory, basic knowledge and basic design methods of architecture, accept the basic training of architects, have basic architectural knowledge and strong design ability, have innovative spirit and open vision, and be able to engage in architecture and urban design in the field of urban construction They are interdisciplinary professionals in urban planning and landscape planning and design, scientific research and management.

Energy and Power Engineering


The training direction of energy and power engineering major involves thermal power generation, air conditioning and refrigeration, internal combustion engine, new energy and so on. The direction of thermal power generation focuses on the knowledge and skills related to thermal power generation, the direction of air conditioning and refrigeration focuses on the knowledge and skills related to air conditioning and cold storage, the direction of internal combustion engine focuses on the knowledge and skills related to vehicle engine, and the direction of new energy requires the knowledge and skills of new energy development.

Light Chemical Engineering


Students should have the basic theory of mathematics, chemistry, chemical engineering and materials, master the professional knowledge of process principle and engineering technology, and have at least one professional direction (pulp and paper engineering direction, textile) Study and dyeing and finishing engineering direction, leather engineering direction, additive chemistry and engineering direction) basic ability in engineering technology, production management, quality control, research and development, and be able to engage in engineering technology in enterprises and institutions, research institutions and institutions of higher learning in related industries of this major They are interdisciplinary professionals in technology, quality control, product development, commodity inspection, economic and trade, enterprise management, teaching and scientific research.

Biological Engineering


Students of this major mainly study the basic theory and knowledge of Microbiology, biochemistry, chemical engineering, fermentation engineering, etc., and receive basic training in biological cell culture and breeding, biotechnology and engineering, etc., and have the basic ability to engage in design, production, management, new technology research and new product development in the field of biotechnology and engineering.

Hydraulic and Hydro-Power Engineering


This major cultivates the knowledge of survey, planning, design, construction, scientific research and management of water conservancy and hydropower projects, which can meet the needs of social and economic development. It has solid foundation, wide range of knowledge, strong ability, high quality, full of innovative spirit and ability International vision and communication ability, senior engineering and technical personnel and management personnel who can be engaged in survey, planning, design, construction, scientific research and management in water conservancy, hydropower, civil engineering, transportation and other industries.

Measurement and Control Technology and Instrumentation


This major cultivates compound engineering scientific and technological talents with comprehensive development of professional knowledge, practical ability and comprehensive quality, mastering the basic theory, specialized knowledge and professional skills in the field of measurement, control and instrument, mastering the technical methods of information acquisition, transmission, processing and application, with the ability of technology integration in the field of measurement and control and the comprehensive design and application of instruments Engaged in scientific research, design and manufacture, technology development, application research, quality control and production management in the field of measurement control and instrument.



Cultivate the comprehensive development of knowledge, ability and quality, master the basic theory, basic knowledge and professional skills in the field of automation, and be able to engage in motion control, process control and manufacturing system automation in industrial enterprises, scientific research institutes and other departments It is a wide caliber, high-quality and compound automation engineering and technology talents who are engaged in engineering design, technology development, system operation management and maintenance, enterprise management and decision-making, scientific research and teaching in chemical, automation instruments and equipment, robot control, intelligent monitoring system, intelligent transportation, intelligent building, Internet of things, etc.

Engineering Mechanics


This major requires to master the basic theory, computational technology and experimental skills of engineering mechanics, and be able to engage in engineering design and analysis, technology development and technical management related to mechanical problems in the relevant engineering fields, or continue to study for master's or doctor's degrees in engineering mechanics and high-level research personnel or university teachers in related majors.

Applied Chemistry


The students of this major mainly study the basic knowledge, basic theory, basic skills and related engineering technology knowledge in chemistry. They are trained in scientific thinking and scientific experiment in basic research and applied basic research. They have good scientific literacy and basic skills in applied research, technology development and science and technology management by using the knowledge and experimental skills they have learned.

Software Engineering


This major is to cultivate the ability to adapt to the development of computer application discipline, especially the development of software industry, to have the basic theory, basic knowledge and basic skills of computer software, to analyze, design and realize computer software system with the thought, method and technology of software engineering, and to engage in computer application software in IT industry, scientific research institutions and enterprises after graduation System development and development of senior software engineering and technical personnel.

Chemical Engineering and Technology


Students of this major mainly study the basic theories and knowledge of chemical engineering and chemical technology, and receive the basic training of chemical and chemical experiment skills, engineering practice, computer application, scientific research and engineering design methods. They have the ability to simulate and optimize the production process of existing enterprises, innovate and transform, develop and design new processes and research new products The basic ability of system.

Materials Science and Engineering


Students majoring in materials science and engineering mainly study the basic theories of materials science and engineering, and learn and master the basic laws of the relationship between the preparation, composition, organizational structure and performance of materials. Basic training in preparation, performance analysis and testing skills of metal materials, inorganic non-metal materials, polymer materials, composite materials and various advanced materials. Master the basic training of material design and preparation process design, improve material performance and product quality, and develop analysis and detection skills. Master the basic ability of material design and preparation process design, improve material performance and product quality, and develop and research new materials and processes.

Food Science and Engineering


With the support of solid scientific theory, engineering technology and practical training foundation, we should cultivate good political and cultural quality, basic ability of foreign language and computer application, and systematically master the basic knowledge and foundation in the field of food science and engineering This skill can be used in the scientific research, technology development, engineering design, production management, quality control and production of food or related products in food production, processing, circulation and education, research, import and export, health supervision, safety management and other departments related to food science and engineering Food science and engineering professionals with broad knowledge and adaptability in many fields, such as product sales, inspection and quarantine, education and teaching.

Communication Engineering


The students of this major mainly study the basic theory, composition principle and design method of communication system and communication network, receive the basic training of communication engineering practice, and have the basic ability to engage in the design, development, commissioning and engineering application of modern communication system and network.

Biomedical Engineering


This major aims to cultivate students with good humanistic quality and teamwork spirit, systematically master the basic theory, basic knowledge and basic skills of Biomedical Engineering, and be able to engage in engineering technology in enterprises and institutions of medical equipment, medical and health and other related industries It is an interdisciplinary senior professional combining biomedical and Engineering Science with strong ability of knowledge updating and innovation.

Environmental Engineering


This major cultivates students with the concept of sustainable development, master the knowledge of pollution prevention and control, environmental planning and resource protection, have the ability to design and operate pollution control projects, formulate environmental planning and carry out environmental management, and have the ability to engage in the research and development of new theories, new processes and new equipment in environmental engineering, and be able to work in government departments and planning departments , economic management departments, environmental protection departments, design units, industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research institutions, schools and other senior applied talents of environmental engineering engaged in planning, design, management, education and research and development.

Civil Engineering


Students of this major mainly study the basic theories and knowledge of engineering mechanics, geotechnical engineering, structural engineering, municipal engineering, water supply and drainage engineering and water conservancy engineering, receive basic training in engineering drawing, engineering survey, computer application, professional experiment, structural design and construction practice, and have the ability to engage in construction engineering, traffic civil engineering, water conservancy and hydropower engineering Planning, design, construction, management and related research capacity of port engineering, coastal engineering and water supply and drainage engineering.

Electronic Information Engineering


Electronic Information Engineering Program highlights students’ hands-on  ability cultivation, and it aims to cultivate primary-level application-oriented  technicians with favorable quality and innovation ability. After graduation, the  students in this program can work as electronic engineer, circuit engineer, embedded  software development and test engineer, hardware engineer, software engineer and  communication engineer.



Biochemistry and biochemistry experiment, molecular biology and molecular biology experiment, pharmacology and pharmacology experiment, pharmacy and pharmaceutics experiment, biotechnology pharmacy, biopharmaceutical technology, fermentation engineering, drug and biological product inspection. In addition to learning professional knowledge, it also includes internship, experimental operation (physical chemistry and biochemistry experiment, molecular biology and molecular biology experiment, pharmacology and pharmacology experiment, pharmacy and pharmacy experiment) and practice.

Pharmaceutical Engineering


Pharmaceutical engineering is an interdisciplinary engineering specialty of chemistry, biology, pharmacy (Chinese pharmacy) and engineering. It aims to cultivate talents engaged in drug R & D and manufacturing, development, amplification and design of new technology, new equipment and new varieties. Although the name of pharmaceutical engineering specialty is new, its emergence is not brand-new from the perspective of discipline evolution. It is the continuation of similar specialties and the product of the development of science and technology in China.

Computer Science and Technology


Cultivate good morality and self-cultivation, abide by laws and regulations, have social and environmental awareness, master basic knowledge of mathematics and natural science and basic theories, basic knowledge, basic skills and basic methods related to computing system, have scientific thinking ability including computing thinking, design computing solutions, and realize the ability of system based on Computing principles, and be able to Clear expression, effective role in the team, good comprehensive quality, able to expand their ability through continuing education or other lifelong learning channels, understand and follow the professional development of the discipline, and have high-quality professional talents with employment competitiveness in the research, development, deployment and application of computing systems and other related fields.

Energy and Chemical


As an important branch of chemistry, energy chemistry is an important scientific and technological foundation for mastering comprehensive utilization of coal, understanding non coal mineral energy, popularizing knowledge of new and renewable energy, realizing scientific utilization of energy and sustainable development. It uses the theory and technology of chemistry and chemical industry to solve the problems of energy conversion, energy storage and energy transmission, so as to better serve human economy and life. Chemical changes are accompanied by the change of energy, and the essence of energy use is the transformation process of energy form. Energy Chemistry realizes energy conversion and storage directly or indirectly through chemical material preparation technology due to its chemical reaction.

Food Quality and Safety


Medical Information Engineering


Project Cost


Project Cost Program aims to cultivate students to be able to engage in project planning, urban and rural development cost planning, engineering measurement and valuation, cost control, construction estimate, bidding and contract management, project audit and others in the field of civil engineering and related engineering. The students will have strong professional comprehensive quality, teaming and collaboration ability, good professional ethics and social adaptability. Meanwhile, students will be equipped with strong innovation and entrepreneurship spirit as well as international view, and they will master the basic technical knowledge of construction engineering and basic knowledge of management, economics and law related to the project cost. They will be cultivated into application-oriented engineers and management personnel, and they can have a good command of engineering modeling and measurement valuation.

Rail Transit Signal and Control


Rail Transit Signal and Control Program helps students to master automatic control theory, rail transit control technology, computer principles and application technology, sensor and detection technology, programmable controller principle and application, power electronic technology, etc. Graduates can engage in system operation, automatic control, information processing, experimental analysis, R & D and design, operation and maintenance management in the fields of railway, urban rail transit, electronics, information, instrument, etc., and they can also work on teaching and scientific research in universities and research institutes.

Automobile Service Engineering


Automobile Service Engineering Program aims to cultivate the talents who can meet the requirements of social economic development and industry technological progress. Students will master the basic theories, knowledge and methods of Automobile Service Engineering. The students will be equipped with sense of social responsibility, innovative spirit and practical ability. They will be cultivated into application-oriented and versatile engineers so that they can engage in the work of engineering, management, teaching, scientific and research in the field of automotive engineering service, automobile finance and management services as well as automotive manufacturing. Graduates can not only work in automotive vehicle and parts manufacturers, but also work in the fields of automotive sales, evaluation, inspection and maintenance and finance and insurance. Or graduates can choose to engage in scientific research and teaching in some institutes and universities.

Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering


Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering Program integrates advanced German teaching philosophy and methods into the curriculums, and it forms a talents cultivation mode with the characteristics of Sino-Germany cooperation. It has domestic first-class intelligent manufacturing practice bases and Sino-Germany joint laboratory of intelligent manufacturing. This program has strengthened engineering practice, payed attention to students’ innovation consciousness and innovation capability. Graduates have a wide range of employment opportunities. They can engage in intelligent product design and manufacturing, CNC machine tools and industrial robots installation, commissioning and maintenance, intelligent factory system integration, information management, application research and production management in the fields of Intelligent manufacturing product development, Intelligent Equipment Manufacturing as well as Intelligent Product Management.

Electronic Science and Technology


Electronic Science & Technology Program focuses on students’ theoretical knowledge and engineering practice abilities of Electronic Science and Technology. It will help the students to prepare their abilities of computer, foreign language and relevant engineering technology application; as well as their abilities of tracking new theories, new knowledge, and new technology. It aims to cultivate high-quality grass-roots applied talents who can engage in applied research, research and development, test analysis, manufacturing and management in the fields of new electronic materials and new energy resources. Graduates can work in lithium, photoelectricity and other new energy industries.