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Natural Science


Management Science







Military Science

Three-year Diploma


Information and Communication Engineering


The major of information and communication engineering cultivates students with solid theoretical basic knowledge of communication theory and system, information transmission and processing technology, electronic technology and computer application technology, systematically studies professional courses of aviation communication, mobile communication and network communication, and masters complex advanced engineering of modern communication network application, data transmission design and aviation communication skills Technical personnel.

Electronic Science and Technology


The major of Electronic Science and technology cultivates students with relevant theory and foundation, experimental ability and professional knowledge in the fields of microelectronics, optoelectronics and integrated circuits, and can be engaged in the design, manufacturing, scientific development, scientific research, teaching and production management of various electronic materials, components, integrated circuits, electronic systems and optoelectronic systems in Electronic Science and technology and related fields We should be able to train more versatile professionals.

Computer Science and Technology


Computer science and technology is a computer system and network at the same time, computer science and technology is a wide range of computer disciplines, the purpose is to cultivate a good scientific literacy, with the consciousness of independent learning and innovation, the combination of scientific and engineering computer professional high level of engineering and technical personnel.

Optical Engineering


Optical engineering is a young subject with a long history. Its development represents the process of human civilization. Its theoretical basis optics, as the main subject of physics, has gone through a long and tortuous development road, casting geometric optics, wave optics, quantum optics and nonlinear optics, revealing the law of light generation and propagation and the relationship between light and matter interaction.

Software Engineering


Software engineering is a subject that studies the construction and maintenance of effective, practical and high-quality software with engineering methods. It involves programming language, database, software development tools, system platform, standards, design patterns and so on. In modern society, software is used in many aspects. Typical software such as e-mail, embedded system, human-machine interface, office suite, operating system, compiler, database, game, etc.

Biomedical Engineering


Biomedical engineering integrates the theories and methods of engineering, biology and medicine, studies the state changes of human body system at all levels, and uses engineering technology to control such changes. Biomedical engineering majors cultivate basic theoretical knowledge related to life science, electronic technology, computer technology and information science, as well as scientific research talents combining medicine and engineering technology Research ability, can be in the field of Biomedical Engineering, medical instruments and other electronic technology, computer technology, information industry and other departments engaged in research, development, teaching and management of senior engineering and technical personnel.

Instrument Science and Technology


The major of Instrument Science and technology is an engineering subject related to the theoretical research of instrument operation and application. It is a subject that provides information acquisition means and controls for the study of the change law of things. This subject is based on sensing technology, electronic technology, computer technology, information processing technology, display technology and control technology to detect, display or control all kinds of information. This subject can be combined with many fields such as industrial production, agricultural production, medical instruments, medicine and chemical industry, electric power and energy, national defense and environmental protection, information and communication, transportation and so on. It plays an important role in promoting people's production, life, high-tech development and national economic construction.

Control Science and Engineering


Control science and engineering is a discipline that studies the theory, method, technology and engineering application of control. Based on cybernetics, system theory and information theory, control science studies the common problems in various application fields, that is, how to establish a system model, analyze its internal and environmental information, and what kind of control and decision-making behavior should be adopted in order to achieve the control objectives. The close combination with various application fields forms a rich and diverse content of control engineering.

Materials Science and Engineering


The major of materials science and engineering cultivates students who have the knowledge of metal materials science and engineering, solid theoretical foundation and humanistic feelings, strong engineering practice and innovation ability, and can engage in scientific research, technology development, process and equipment design, production and operation management in the fields of preparation, molding and heat treatment of metal materials and their composites He is a professional technician.

Electrical Engineering


This major cultivates senior engineering and technical personnel who have basic knowledge of engineering technology and corresponding professional knowledge of electrical engineering, and have the basic ability to solve electrical engineering technical analysis and control problems. The major of electrical engineering and automation is to train high-level engineering and technical personnel with wide caliber and complex characteristics who can be engaged in electrical engineering and automation, computer technology application, economic management and other fields for all walks of life.

Materials Chemical Engineering


Graduates to adapt to the demand of the national economy and the development of science and technology, become the theoretical basis of broad knowledge, professional principle and professional knowledge of chemical production technology skills and research methods, to engage in process industry in the field of product research and development, design, production process control and enterprise management work of science and technology talents with high quality.

Chemical Engineering and Technology


The graduates will become high quality scientific and technical personnel with generous theoretical foundation knowledge, familiar with the professional principles, professional skills and research methods of chemical production technology, and capable of engaging in product development and development, device design, production process control and enterprise operation and management in the field of process industry.

Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical Engineering is an applied discipline that studies and solves all theoretical and practical problems in the development, design, manufacture, installation, application and repair of various machines based on relevant natural science and technical science and combined with technical experience in production practice.

Geological Resources and Geological Engineering


This professional students major geological engineering professional basic theoretical knowledge, master basic geology, geophysics, geochemistry, hydrogeology, engineering geology and so on elementary theory knowledge, apply what they have learned the basic theory and analysis of professional knowledge to solve practical problems, conducting scientific research and engaged in the basic ability of organization management.

Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering


The professional doctor should have a solid foundation for the engineering theory and broad professional knowledge and management knowledge, master the advanced methods and modern technology to solve the problem of engineering, which has an independent ability to work for engineering or engineering management as well as the ability to solve practical engineering problems, has good comprehensive quality and strong ability of innovation and adaptability. Master a foreign language, can use computer skillfully.