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Your ticket to high quality full-time higher education in China


The best path to degree study in China! 


UniEdu’s foundation course is set to be the future of China’s university admissions, it’s designed to help Chinese universities find the right candidates but it’s main focus is on helping international students prepare for and giving them the best possible platform so they can succeed studying in China.


This is a group preparatory course that will allow you to meet with potential classmates and share your experiences together. Bachelor’s degree, Master’s, PHD and language students will be grouped according to their degree. It is also provides a great opportunity to meet with your future teachers and mentors. The extensive course will cover Chinese language learning, Chinese culture learning, skills needed to live in China, plus all the things you need to know as an international student here.


Successful participants will be ensured of admission into one of our partner universities in Sichuan, will get an increased chance of getting a scholarship, and importantly the completion of the foundation course will reward credits that go towards your degree. The foundation course aims to be the best pathway to study in China and because of the current global health situation it’s going to be delivered online so you can join and learn from the safety of your own home. Apply today!


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Chinese Lessons

*Comprehensive courses 

The course is topical, closely integrating HSK standards. Through the methodology of conversation, grammar, and situation practice, you can learn Mandarin in a more practical way. It allows you to instantly apply what you learn to daily life. You will be able to handle various Mandarin tests without any difficulty.  

*Listening and speaking courses   

The curriculum is highly relevant and focus on real life scenarios and situations. The content features some simple and basic dialogues and short texts based on the comprehensive course. It will help improve your listening comprehension, speaking skills, and accent, and allow you to apply this to Mandarin examinations and reach a high standard. 

*HSK training courses 

HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) is the official standardized Chinese Proficiency Test. Our curriculum will focus on the core aspects of HSK - Chinese listening, reading, writing, speaking and the official examination. It will feature meticulous explanations and answers with a test library of simulated and real test papers for you to practice.

Special Courses 

*Chinese Characters Courses 

To learn Chinese characters is an essential part of learning and understanding the Chinese language and about Chinese culture. As one of the most ancient written languages, Chinese characters have been used for more than three thousand years. The pictographic script is imbued with the history of an entire country. It’s gone through evolutions and modernizations but still remains an essential part of Chinese daily life and society. 

*Chinese Culture Courses 

China is a vast country with a rich history and vibrant culture that dates back many millennia. In this course we will be touching upon the key components of Chinese culture which has existed and survived to this day, such as history, geography, education, art, folk customs, and also the modern life of Chinese people and society. Gaining more knowledge of Chinese culture will allow you to understand China and Chinese language better and also integrate yourself much more easily. 

*Survival Courses 

This course will help prepare you for all the everyday circumstances you’re likely to encounter whilst studying and living in China. It will help you face and navigate these obstacles stress free. We will let you know how to use common apps such as WeChat, AliPay, Didi, El Le Me, Taobao etc. You will learn how to create your own Chinese bank account and get a Chinese sim card. You will get to know all about the China’s public transport system beforehand. You will learn what you need to know live more conveniently whilst you’re in China. 

General Education Courses 

General education is a foundational course for those students who have already chosen their major and are ready to enter university for professional study. We’ll arrange different courses for you according to the different majors. There are some examples of the courses below. 

*Computer Science 

It helps students master the fundamentals of computer, network and multimedia.



It helps students master the essential concepts, theories and computing skills of calculus. 


It helps students master approaches for statistical survey, processing and analysis.


It includes the basic laws of chemical reactions, elemental compounds etc. for the follow-up courses to learn to lay a good foundation. 


Introduces key basic medical knowledge, laying the foundation for foreign students’ study and practice in Chinese medical colleges. 




Honestly it was very effective class.Now we are studying in our university.


it is helpfull in the situation. we doing study with online classroom and stay our own


I’ve learned Chinese with teacher Cai. I feel appreciated because the way she taught us is interesting.

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