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Natural Science


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Military Science

Three-year Diploma




This self-study specialty aims to train scientific and technical talents with basic theoretical knowledge and experimental skills of pharmaceutical science, who can be engaged in identification, drug design, general drug preparation and clinical rational drug use in drug production, inspection, circulation, use and research and development.

Graduates should acquire knowledge and abilities in the following aspects:

1. Master the basic theories and knowledge of pharmacy, pharmacology, pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmaceutical analysis.

2. Master the basic methods and techniques of preparation of major drugs, quality control, interaction between drugs and organisms, pharmacodynamics and evaluation of drug safety;

3. It has the ability of preliminary design of drug dosage forms, the ability of selecting drug analysis methods, the ability of pharmacological experiments and evaluation of new drugs, and the ability of participating in clinical rational drug use.

4. Familiar with the basic knowledge of the regulations, policies and marketing of pharmaceutical administration;

5. To understand the development trend of modern pharmacy;

6. Master the basic methods of literature retrieval and data query, and have certain scientific research and practical working ability.

Applied Physics


This major cultivates talents who have a solid foundation in physics and specialized knowledge in related application fields, strong practical ability and innovative consciousness, and can be engaged in research, teaching, development and application of new technology and management in Applied Physics, interdisciplinary and related scientific and technological fields. Some graduates of this major are suitable for further study in related disciplines.



This major has strong mathematical and chemical foundation, international vision, strict scientific thinking, professional theory and professional skills training, master the basic theory, basic knowledge and basic skills of biological science and technology, and be able to use what they have mastered They are interdisciplinary talents who are engaged in scientific research, technological development, personnel training and management in teaching, scientific research, biotechnology industry and related fields.

Applied Statistics


This major cultivates students with good professional ethics, systematic statistical knowledge, understanding of statistical theory, mastering the basic ideas and methods of statistics, and the ability to analyze data by using computer software, and to be able to analyze data in economy, management, biology, medicine and finance High quality and compound statistical application talents working in finance, insurance, industry, agriculture, forestry, commerce, information technology, education, health, medicine, meteorology, water conservancy, environment, disaster reduction and other related fields.

Information and Computing Science


The students of this major mainly study the basic theory, basic knowledge and basic methods of information science and computing science, lay a good mathematical foundation, receive more solid computer training, and initially have the ability to engage in scientific research, solve practical problems and design and develop relevant software in the field of information science and Computing Science.

Mathematics and Applied Mathematics


This major cultivates students to master the basic theory, basic knowledge and basic methods of Mathematical Science, be able to use mathematical knowledge and use computers to solve some practical mathematical problems, master modern mathematical knowledge, have higher comprehensive ability of abstract thinking, problem analysis and problem-solving, and be able to engage in teaching in Senior Middle Schools, secondary vocational and technical colleges, enterprises and institutions and government departments Applied professionals in management, scientific research, etc.



The students of this major mainly study the basic knowledge, basic theory, basic skills and methods in chemistry, and are trained in scientific thinking and scientific experiment, and have certain abilities in scientific research, applied research and scientific management.

Atmospheric Science


Atmospheric science is a discipline that studies various phenomena of the atmosphere (including the influence of human activities on it), the evolution laws of these phenomena, and how to use these laws to serve human beings. Atmospheric science is an integral part of earth science. The main branches of atmospheric science include atmospheric exploration, climatology, synoptic science, dynamic meteorology, atmospheric physics, atmospheric chemistry, weather modification, and applied meteorology.

Applied Psychology


Applied psychology is an important branch of psychology. Applied psychology studies the application of the basic principles of psychology in various practical fields, including industry, engineering, organization and management, market consumption, social life, medical care, sports, military, judicial and environmental fields.

Athletic Rehabilitation


Food Hygiene and Nutrition


Medical Laboratory Sciences


Sanitary Inspection and Quarantine


Biologic Science






Traditional Chinese Pharmacy


Pharmaceutic Preparation


Traditional Chinese Medicine Resources and Development


Rehabilitation Therapeutics