Southwest Petroleum University
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Southwest Petroleum University

Address: Xindu district of chengdu in sichuan province xindu road no. 8

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Founded in 1958, Southwest Petroleum University (SWPU) was co-built by the central and local governments and is administered mainly by Sichuan Provincial Government. It is the second petroleum university since the establishment of P.R. China. In September 2017, SWPU was selected as one of the “double first-class” universities in China and one of the 80 universities with A+ discipline. In the same year of 2017, SWPU joined the world top 1% universities and research institutions in the ESI ranking system.

Southwest Petroleum University 2022 Enrollment Guide


SWPU has two campuses, one in Chengdu and the other in Nanchong,covering an area of over 200 ha. The current student body on the two campuses includes29,367 undergraduates, 4,037 graduates, 700 PhD candidates and 301 international students. So far SWPU has produced more than 146,000 bachelors, masters and doctors, many of whom havee stablished themselves as preeminent specialists and scholars, great statesmen,successful entrepreneurs, or technological and managerial backbones in various fields.


International Economy and Trade

Taught in English

The training objectives of this major can be summarized as: to be able to systematically master the basic principles of economics and the basic theories of international economy and trade, master the basic knowledge and skills of international trade, understand the development status of China's foreign trade and contemporary international economic trade, be familiar with the prevailing international trade practices and rules, as well as the policies and regulations of China's foreign trade, and understand the major countries Foreign trade status of home and region, senior professionals who can engage in international economic and trade business, management, research, teaching and scientific research in foreign economic and trade departments, foreign-funded enterprises, government institutions and scientific research institutes.

Computer Science and Technology

Taught in English

Cultivate good morality and self-cultivation, abide by laws and regulations, have social and environmental awareness, master basic knowledge of mathematics and natural science and basic theories, basic knowledge, basic skills and basic methods related to computing system, have scientific thinking ability including computing thinking, design computing solutions, and realize the ability of system based on Computing principles, and be able to Clear expression, effective role in the team, good comprehensive quality, able to expand their ability through continuing education or other lifelong learning channels, understand and follow the professional development of the discipline, and have high-quality professional talents with employment competitiveness in the research, development, deployment and application of computing systems and other related fields.


*Tuition Fees: Bachelor students:8000CNY/Year;Master students: 12,000 RMB/Year;PhD students: 20,000 RMB/Year

*Accommodation Fees: 1600 CNY/Year (Male, 3 people in one room); 3000CNY/ Year (Female, 2-3 Person in one room)

*Insurance Fees: 800CNY/Year

*Registration Fees: 600CNY (1st Year only)


It provided a huge opportunity to learn Chinese. I think this site is very convenient.

SWPU graduate student Name:Samigullina Liliana


SWPU graduate student—Name: 安杰

The platform was helpful and useful for me. it is very understandable.

SWPU graduate student—Name:李玲雨

My experience and were really great. Now, I study in SWPU. i enjoy here a lot.

SWPU graduate student—Name:江海涛