College of Chinese and ASEAN Arts
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College of Chinese and ASEAN Arts

Address: No. 2025, Chengluo Avenue, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, China 610106

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The College of Chinese & ASEAN Arts of Chengdu University is a comprehensive art institute approved by the Chengdu Municipal People's government. It is establishing to actively integrate into the national "Belt and Road" construction, vigorously demonstrate the charm of Sichuan culture while expanding international cultural exchanges, in the vision of building a world-famous city with cultural and creative industries. Based on the art education experience at Chengdu University, the College operates per the new system and mechanism and has relatively independent operation autonomy. The College is also a critical cultural and educational project supported by Chengdu city. 


College of Chinese & ASEAN Arts consists of 4 units of teaching departments: School of Fine Arts and Design, School of Music and Dance, School of Film and Animation, and International Department. More than 3600 full-time students, including 400 international students. The College has nine undergraduate majors, including animation, visual communication design, product design, radio & television editing, qualified as Five-Star-Level majors in China. The College is also qualified to grant a master's degree in design, fine art, music performance, radio and television.


Visual Communication Design

Visual communication design is an undergraduate major in Colleges and universities, which belongs to the design major. This major requires students to have solid basic theoretical knowledge and strong professional skills of visual communication design, as well as understand art, economy, market, management, creation and design, and be able to engage in visual communication design in public institutions, professional design departments and scientific research institutions.

Environmental Design

This professional training to cater to the development of China's socialist economic construction, mastered the basic professional theory and related disciplines theory knowledge and professional skills, and design with innovation ability and practice ability, can in art school of higher learning in the environment design, research or teaching work, in the environment of art and design institutions engaged in interior design of public buildings, residential space design, urban landscape and community environment landscape design, landscape design, and project planning and management, teaching and scientific research ability of the environment art applied and research talents with high quality.

Product Design

Product design major is a comprehensive subject which integrates humanities and computer technology. It cultivates talents with comprehensive quality and has good cultivation and quality of industrial product art design. Main disciplines: product design methodology, ergonomics, materials and technology.


Main subjects: Fine arts, art theory. Core courses: Sketching, sketching, Anatomy and Perspective, basic theory of color, color (still life), social practice (landscape, picking style), selected professional painting (figure, human body), painting materials, creation, Chinese art history, Western art history. This major trains senior professionals who are capable of painting art creation, teaching and research, and can be engaged in teaching, creation, research, publishing and management in the fields of culture and art, education, design, research, publishing and management.

Musical Performance (Instrumental Performance)

Training Objectives: To cultivate high-quality skilled talents with harmonious development of morality, intelligence and physic, with professional knowledge and artistic accomplishment of vocal music, instrumental music, dance and other music performances, and capable of performing and teaching in professional literary and art groups, enterprises and institutions, and relevant departments and institutions. 

Music Performance (Vocal Art)

Vocal music teaching is the main subject of this major, to train students to correct and scientific singing methods, to be able to sing different styles of vocal music works of ancient, modern, Chinese and foreign, and to have the ability to perform on stage and participate in various musical performing activities. The main courses include Vocal Singing: Introduction to Art, Appreciation of Famous Chinese and Foreign Musical Works, History of Chinese Music, History of Western Music, Music Theory, Physical Training and Dance, Solfeggio, Piano Basis, Harmony, Chorus, Recitation and Orthophony, Form, Polyphonic, etc.

Dance Performance (Chinese Classical Dance)

Cultivate good professional ethics and sound personality; With entrepreneurial ability and innovative spirit; Have a solid theoretical knowledge of dance and performance, be able to achieve a higher professional level in dance performance and creation and compilation, and be good at mastering the performance style of various genres of works in this major; Have the ability to appreciate, analyze and criticize all kinds of dance works, and have the ability to plan, organize, host and manage all kinds of dance performances; Application-oriented senior professionals with professional qualities related to teaching, performance, creation and research.

Radio and Television Directing

The major of Radio and Television Directing aims to cultivate interdisciplinary talents who are engaged in radio and television program editing and directing, documentary directing, channel and program planning, program interview and production, as well as broadcasting and hosting and other language communication work in media organizations such as radio, TELEVISION and Internet.


The animation major cultivates innovative professionals who master the basic knowledge, theories and methods of the creation and production of animation, cartoon and game design and the application of relevant tools, and are capable of engaging in the planning, creation, production, communication, operation or management of animation and cartoon in the fields related to media and cultural industries. Cartoons techniques, web techniques, comic techniques, media and techniques, the motion law of the animation techniques, animation, animation time to master, computer coloring, stereo modelling, background design, concept design, monochromatic draft design, color draft design, digital camera, DV video techniques, performance based, video post-production, non-linear editing, etc.