North Sichuan Medical College
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North Sichuan Medical College

Address: International Office 55 Dongshun Road Gaoping Nanchong Sichuan Province, P.R China 637007

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The University is a public higher medical college organized by the Education Department of Sichuan Province. It is located in Nanchong city, a famous historical and cultural city of Sichuan province. It has two campuses in Shunqing and Gaoping, covering an area of more than 1000 mu. The school was founded in 1951. It started to take International students since 2005.

2021 Admission Prospectus for International Students to North Sichuan Medical College


It is located in Nanchong, the second largest higher education center of Sichuan Province. Nanchong is a famous city known for the origin of the Three Kingdoms Culture. The University's two campuses occupy an area of over 820,000 square meters. The University is responsible for the medical care of about 30 million people in the surrounding area of nearly 100,000 km. 


Clinical Medicine(MBBS)

Length of schooling: 6 years

Teaching language: Chinese or English

*Classes with Chinese students: The taught language is Chinese; you will study together with Chinese students. The Chinese Proficiency should accord with the relative requirements of the specialty. Applicants must pass HSK Band 4. Tuition: 24000 yuan per person per year.

*Separated Class taught in English: If students apply for the same specialty at the same term taught in English, a separated class may be offered .Tuition:32000 yuan per person per year.

The students of this major mainly study the basic theory and knowledge of medicine, receive the basic training in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of human diseases, and have the ability to classify and identify the etiology and pathogenesis of human diseases. Possess the ability understanding the lectures in English or in Chinese. Do good or excellent during pre-medical study.(pre-medical study exam marks over 70%)


The school provides double room accommodation for international students. The accommodation fee is 6000 yuan per person per year. Hot water, air conditioning and WiFi are provided in the dormitory. Living facilities include public kitchen, public washing machine and paid drinking water. The University also provides University canteens for international students, which have the special food of different places in China.

Contact Person: Mr. Zhang Siguo and Ms.Xiao Fengling International Office in North Sichuan Medical University Tel: 0086-817-2242632、3352046 Fax: 0086-817-2242632 Email: [email protected]