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Study in Sichuan, China 



Five Buffets Worth Trying in Chengdu


Whenever and wherever you want to eat out, buffet is always a good choice. You can feel free to try a variety of dishes until your stomach and heart are content. Today, we’re going to recommend you five buffets of different types which are worth trying in Chengdu, sorting by prices from highest to lowest.


1.   Yong Rong Club

Buffet type: Seafood buffet

Price: 399 RMB for lunch/ 479 RMB for dinner

Address: Wuhou District, No.8 Tianfu Avenue North Section, Suning Plaza, 5th floor

Opening hours: 12:00-14:00, 17:00-19:30, 20:00-22:00


In the Chengdu Buffet Hot List of Dianping, you can find Yong Rong Club in the first place. The restaurant serves a wide variety of sea food including shrimps and crabs, oysters, abalone and foie gras. You can find exquisite and delicious western pastries, grilled durian and Haagen-Dazs ice cream and so on. In addition to sashimi and hotpot, there are various cooking methods for raw food, and all the dishes are unlimited. Some netizens comment that eating Yong Rong Hui in Chengdu is even more enjoyable than eating in Hainan.

2.   Fun Fondue 1

Buffet type: Hotpot buffet

Price: 170 RMB

Address: Jinjiang District, No.8 Chung Sha Mo Street, Chengdu Ocean Tai Gu Li, 2nd floor, 2331

Opening hours: 11:30-22:00


Fun Fondue 1 is located in the commercial center of Chengdu, with a convenient transportation. The restaurant is clean and tidy, providing you a good dining experience. A variety of different flavored saucepans are available, which is friendly to diners who dislike spicy food. The food is varied and fresh. In addition to hotpot ingredients, cooked food, desserts and drinks are also served in Fun Fondue 1.

3.   Liang Shan Hao Han

Buffet type: Barbecue buffet

Price: 69 RMB for lunch/ 79 RMB for dinner

Address: 1. Wuhou District, No.60 Kehua North Road, Fei Cheng International, 2nd floor

2. Jinjiang District, No. 25 and No. 23 Hongxing Road Section 4, 2nd floor

3.Chenghua District, Xinhua Avenue, Shuanglin Road, Chengdu 339 Shopping Center, Building A, Room 201

4. Wuhou District, No.51 Shuang Ring Road South Fourth Section

5. Qingyang District, No.99 Qingxi East Road, Rongde Sports Leisure Square

6. Wuhou District, No.710-714 Jiannan Avenue Middle Section, Qingfeng Times City, 1st floor

7. Jinniu District, No. 38 Renmin North Road, Longhu Shangcheng, Building 11, 2nd floor, No.36

8. Shuangliu District, No. 88 Lingang Road Section 4, Huatian Jindi Food City, Building 1, 2nd floor, No.47

9. Wenjiang District, No.74 and No.1 Gongping Tongxing West Road

Opening hours: 11:00-15:00, 16:00-00:00


Liang Shan Hao Han has multiple stores, so no matter where you are in Chengdu, you can easily get to the nearest store. The decoration style of the restaurants are very local characteristics of Liangshan, Sichuan, bringing you a sense of immersive atmosphere. The restaurants offer a wide range of large meats and fresh vegetables for barbecue, as well as Chinese and Western snacks and fruits. In Liang Shan Hao Han, when you eat the roasted meats until you are full, you’ll truly feel a great sense of satisfaction.

4.   Shi Guang

Buffet type: Dessert buffet

Price: 38 RMB

Address: 1. Wuhou District, No.5 Kehua Street

2. Jinjiang District, Dongkangshi Street, No.3 Yard, No.6

3.Jinjiang District, No.69 Down East Street East Street Section

4. Chenghua District, No.1 and No.8 Jianshe Lane

5. Shuangliu District, No.255 Tianfu Avenue South Section, Yuanda Shopping Center, 3rd floor A-ZD301

6. Shuangliu District, Xihanggang Street, No. 32 Lingang Road Section One, Yunjin Tiandi Shopping Mall, Building 1, No.23

7. Wenjiang District, Liucheng Street, No.399 Xuehai Road, 1st floor, No.10

Opening hours: 12:00-21:30


Shi Guang has many stores too, you can expediently reach any store. The restaurant has more than 60 Hong Kong-style desserts, Taiwanese desserts, snacks and pasta to choose from. After paying, the waiter will give you a menu and a slip. You can choose six dishes at one time, all you need to do is to write the serial numbers of the dishes you choose on the slip and hand it to the waiter. This way of ordering reduces the awkwardness of speaking and writing Chinese, doesn’t it? When you hear the pick-up number on the receipt given by the waiter, you can go to the pick-up counter to get your food. From the moment you pick up your food, you can eat as much as you want for the next 60 minutes, in the same way you ordered your first meal.

5. Kyochun

Buffet type: Fried chicken buffet

Price: 25.9 RMB

Address: Wuhou District Republic Village No.5 and No.125

Opening hours: 10:00-22:00

Fried Chicken.jpg

Everybody loves fried chicken. Do you ever feel like you can't get enough of fried chicken? Kyochun is the first fried chicken buffet store in Chengdu, and you can realize the freedom of fried chicken there. You don't need to talk to the waiter, when you choose your seat and sit down, you just need to scan the QR code on the table to start ordering. You can only order one fried drumstick, and there's no limit to fried chicken nuggets and fried rice cakes. You can choose the flavor of fried chicken as you like, and you can decide to add fried rice cake or not. If you're still panting for more after finishing a plate, just scan the code and add another.


Would you like to try any of these five buffets? Or do you want to try them all? If you haven’t come to Chengdu yet, and you’re planning to study in Chengdu or Sichuan, get in touch at [email protected] and we can help apply. 

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